Tegan Klenner and Lindsay Sjoberg, Treasures & Travels

by Joy Pecknold

Sisters Tegan Klenner and Lindsay Sjoberg not only share DNA, but also a lifestyle blog, Treasures & Travels. As the name suggests, the two Vancouverites dig traveling—most recently, a yurt-filled road trip along the Oregon Coast—so, naturally, we let them loose on our Proust-inspired questionnaire. As you’ll see, they really see eye to eye.

Q Which in-flight film do you hope for?

(Tegan Klenner) I go straight for the classics! Nothing like a good ol’ classic film you know will be a good one. (Lindsay Sjoberg) I love trailers, so to be honest, most of the time I end up watching trailers the whole flight.

Q What's the last book you took on holiday?

The last book you took on holiday: (TK) Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin. I was pregnant at the time. (LS)
Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick, a book about calling out the lies you tell yourself [and] society tells you about yourself.

I always pack way too many shoes and end up wearing one pair the whole time.
Q You tend to pack too many...

(TK) Shoes, I always pack way too many shoes and end up wearing one pair the whole time. (LS) Notebooks. I have different notebooks for different topics—every-day journal, poetry, inspiring quotes, travel—so I always end up packing way to many notebooks thinking I will need to write in them all.

Q What's your idea of travel happiness?

(TK) Sunshine [and] a whole lot of nothing, accompanied by a good drink on a beautiful beach. (LS) Friends and sunshine! Experiencing places with close buds is the best.

Q What's your idea of travel misery?

(LS) Getting lost when you are hungry. (TK) I agree with Lindsay, this has happened far too many times!

Q What's your favorite quality in a hotel?

(TK) A big comfy bed, with all the pillow options. (LS) I agree with Tegan, fresh crisp sheets. Plus, endless towels in the bathroom.

Q What do you appreciate most in a travel partner?

(TK) Flexibility, spontaneity, someone who doesn’t mind ‘wasting time.’ I love exploring and wandering around cities, or places where I’m traveling, so someone who loves that too is perfect. (LS) Someone who is carefree and spontaneous. The road is almost always unpredictable and you need someone who is able to duck at the punches, or get back up again when your hit.

Q What is your greatest extravagance while abroad?

(TK) Definitely food and drinks. I love being able to cafe hop, wine and dine, and go all out when I can. (LS) Dining out. There is nothing like spending an extra few dollars on a nice dinner and a fancy drink.

Q What is your favorite journey to take?

(LS) Road trip without much of a plan. I love being able to go down roads just because they look pretty, and who knows where it leads. (TK) Definitely a road trip, and the longer the better with lots of beaches along the way and small town exploring.

Q What is your greatest fear abroad?

(LS) Safety. Not knowing your surroundings, and being a bit vulnerable to the people around you. (TK) Missing a flight! I’ve come so close and it’s a terrifying feeling when you’re alone and so anxious to get home.

Q What is the travel habit you most deplore in yourself?

(LS) Not showering enough. It’s hard to keep up your hygiene when you don’t have all your essentials. (TK) I usually spend way beyond my means. I’m impulsive, and when I’m traveling my budget flies out the window because I would rather make the most of my trip. [I have a] ‘this may be my only chance’ mentality.

Q What is the travel habit you most deplore in others?

(LS) Touristy sightseeing. I like to find adventure, not just go see all the typical sights. I want to experience the city as locals do and find the gems they love. If I am traveling with someone who isn’t with me on that one, it gets a bit tough. (TK) People who aren’t aware of the culture they’re in, or aren’t respectful to locals.

Q In what travel situations do you lie?

(LS) Again, safety—you gotta keep where you are staying and where you are headed pretty vague.

Q When and where were you last happiest?

(LS) Palm Desert last year with my family. We took a family vacation and all sat by the pool together for a couple weeks and it was truly special. (TK) I agree with Linds, that was a special trip.

Q What is your most treasured take-along?

(TK) My camera. (LS) I agree with Tegan, definitely my camera.

Q What is your travel motto?

(LS) Do it for the story. (TK) Go with the flow, as cheesy as that is. My nature is to have a game-plan and idea of what a day or trip looks like, so it’s so important to remind myself that what happens happens and to be flexible.

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